The Many Applications

The Tapeta™ surface was originally designed for the Thoroughbred racehorse. However, it has been embraced by all disciplines of the horse world. The USET Olympic Team used the surface for the finishing touches to their preparations for the Athens Games. The surface is now successfully being used in an indoor Hunter/Jumper arena, in a Dressage application, hot walking machines, as well as still proving itself in the racing industry.

The most recent change in the use of the Tapeta™ surface came when a notable Standardbred driver/trainer took one of his horses for a turn around the Tapeta™ Farm warm-up track. Although this was not the original intention for the surface, the preliminary test runs are proving successful. The installation and maintenance do have slight variations depending on the end use and we would be more than happy to speak to you regarding them.


Hotwalkers and more...

Indoor / Outdoor Arenas