Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why choose Tapeta?
  2. Is it dusty?
  3. Are there any health hazards associated with breathing dust and synthetic fibers?
  4. Can my horses eat it?
  5. Should horses be turned out in it?
  6. Do I need a drainage system?
  7. Can Tapeta be rolled?
  8. Will it freeze?
  9. Will the wax melt or need replenishing?
  10. Does the surface stick to horses or stain clothing?
  11. How is installation depth determined?

Why choose Tapeta™?

  1. Only synthetic surface proven in the American climate, -17 degrees to 110 degrees.
  2. Guaranteed quality-We stand behind our product.
  3. Follow-up track assessments every 6 months with our State-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure the track continues to run properly. We test for:  Impact attenuation, resilience, stability, surface stiffness, harmonic stiffness, shock absorption, cohesion and traction
  4. Tapeta holds the patent for wax coated surfaces in the United States.
  5. Physical properties of Tapeta™ make it the only choice for the spectrum of equine athletes, both indoors and outdoors. See Dr. Pratt's assesment here.

Is it dusty?

No. With diligent clean up after your horses your surface will be nearly dust free.

Are there any health hazards associated with breathing in dust and synthetic fibres?

Some horsemen are concerned, and rightfully so, that their equine athletes will be exposed to harmful dust and debris from the kickback created on synthetic surfaces. Tapeta™ however has minimal kickback and no respirable dust . This was confirmed by an industrial hygiene survey conducted by Atlantic Environmental Incorporated (AEI). Their team of certified hygienists spent two days taking samples by attaching air testing devices to the horses bridles. The samples were then sent to certified government labs for analysis. Their report found the following:

AEI collected various air samples for respirable fibers, resirable dust, total dust and free silica. The respirable dust samples were collected on two tracks—one track covered with Tapeta™ Footings' artificial track surfacing material and the second track covered with traditional track materials of dirt and sand. . .

Each respirable fiber sample taken on the Tapeta Footings' practice track was below the laboratory limit of detection. . .

On the basis of the analytical results, AEI did not find any potentially harmful exposures to respirable dust, total dust, silica, or fibers to the horse and rider on tracks surfaced with the Tapeta Footings' material. However, the respirable dust samples taken on the standard dirt/sand track did indicate a risk of respirable dust exposure to horse and rider. 

Can my horses eat it?

No. Tapeta™ is not intended to be ingested although the Material Safety Data Sheet on Tapeta™ states it is basically inert. Though it is not toxic, and though no horse has ever had any bad reaction to Tapeta™ either through ingestion, respiration, or skin contact, a condition similar to Sand Colic could occur if enough Tapeta™ is ingested.

Should horses be turned out in it?

No. If you must use your indoor arena as a turn-out we do not recommend you install Tapeta™.

Do I need a drainage system?

Yes! An approved and properly functioning drainage system is imperative. We will provide you with the specifications for porous blacktop and the drainage system.

Can Tapeta be rolled?

Yes you can roll it. We don't recommend rolling nor do we think you will want to once you experience the surface for yourself.

Will it freeze?

No. Moisture in the surface will crystallize but it will not freeze and become stiff or solid.

Will the wax melt or will it need to be replenished?

No. Tapeta™ is not as susceptible to erosion as conventional dirt/sand surfaces. The average thoroughbred track in America looses 2,000 tons of sand and dirt a year due to wind and water erosion. The vast majority of Tapeta™ loss results from the horses tracking it away when they leave the workout surface. Therefore only very minimal replenishing is needed, if at all.

Does it stick to horses or stain clothing?

No. Tapeta™ has minimal kickback so you will never have a mud covered horse and rider even in the wettest conditions. Tapeta™ has not been found to stain or damage clothing, fibers, etc. Any residue left behind by the Tapeta™ is easily washed away with detergent and water.

How is installation depth determined?

Indoor arenas typically have a 4 inch harrowed surface. Workout gallops and racing surfaces require a 7 inch harrowed surface.