Golden Gate Fields 2007-2008 Tapeta's Inaugural Meet

  • Field size up by 11.8%
  • Total handle up 9.4% (Out of State up 24.8%)
  • No Cancellations
  • Injury rate down
We are very proud of the Tapeta surface at Golden Gate Fields. It has handled the traffic and weather very well. The track crew has experienced some problems with maintenance and we may have underestimated the time it would take for a track superintendent with a lifetime of experience on dirt to make the transition. We have not had these issues on our training farm and we are confident that the track will continue to improve as the maintenance crew learns what to expect from the surface and becomes more confident in a technology that is immensely different compared to maintaining a dirt surface.

Many successful trainers in the USA have had lots of winners due to their skillful use of toe grabs, stickers, and mud caulks. This has become a science and they know exactly what horse needs which shoes to improve its stability on that surface that day. It is unrealistic to expect the practice to change when it has been successful in the past. However, the use of toe grabs, ect. is totally unnecessary on a Tapeta surface and can only increase the possibility of an injury occurring. In fact, some of our very successful clients train all of their horses without shoes and only use Queen’s Plates to race. We are very happy to be a part of Northern California racing and look forward to the Spring meet at Golden Gate Fields.

Quotes From Golden Gate Fields


Greg Gilchrist - “It’s been a success. It’s a fair track, and as a trainer, it eliminates the concern about whether you’ll be able to train your horses.”

Armando Lage - “It started good and got better.”


Russell Baze - “This track has been amazing the way it has handled the rain. It’s been great. I’m spoiled getting to ride on Tapeta.”

Chad Schvaneveldt - “It’s been outstanding. It’s nice to know when you come to work that neither workouts nor racing will be cancelled. Riding on Tapeta is easy on my knees and hips.”