Quotes From Presque Isle Downs


Darren Fleming, assistant trainer to Steve Asmussen - “The Tapeta™ Surface is very consistent no matter the weather and it is good after the rain. It seems to be playing very fair in the afternoon during racing. We have worked 50 horses over it and the horses have been injury free so far, it is kind on the horses.”

Dick Beattie, Trainer – “The horses come off their breezes and races very fresh; we can run them back in races much quicker than normal.”

Todd Beattie, Trainer – “We are completely pleased with the feeling of the Tapeta™ Track, it is soft and forgiving and yet at the same time it feels tight and not cuppy.”

Scott Lake, Trainer – “We like the track very much. I brought horses here who haven’t breezed well on the dirt and they have found their stride here. I breezed five horses this morning and they all did great. The Tapeta™ Surface is excellent for racing.”

Benny Perkins, Sr., Trainer – “I like it very much; it is very forgiving and very safe.”

Jerald Farris, assistant trainer to Michael Pino – “The track looks super, it is a very quiet track, and you can’t hear the horses when they are either breezing or racing.”

Pamela Thibodeau, trainer – “I absolutely love the surface, it is like a carpet, the horses love it and it will reduce injuries."

Tim Tullock, Trainer – “When I work or race a horse over the track, they bounce back much quicker, they recover from their races faster.”


Dale Beckner – “A very fine track, the horses float over it, very consistent from rail to rail and day to day. A kinder kickback but not severe.”

Josiah Hampshire Jr. – “The best surface I have ridden on in 25 years of riding.”

Rosemary Homeister Jr. – “The Tapeta™ Surface is very forgiving to the horses; it is easier on their joints and very little kickback for a rider. We don’t have to change our goggles during a race or our pants after a race. The horses float across the surface.”

Miguel Mena – “A nice track; it is really good. You can win on the lead or come from behind; horses love it.”

Dana Whitney – “I absolutely love the track; it’s terrific.”