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A Tapeta racing and training surface should increase betting revenue at a racetrack through a variety of different ways.


1. Safety
Tapeta is the safest surface to train and race on. US Jockey Club statistics show that Tapeta racetracks suffer fewer injuries and fatalities than all other tracks. By looking after the equine athletes that train and race on the racetrack, an increased number of equine athletes are fit and able and ready to race to help increase betting revenue/handle.


2. Increased Field Size
By ensuring more racehorses are fit and ready to race, the number of starts per racehorse should also improve, thus further improving field size and betting turnover/handle.


3. Fewer Days Lost To Weather
A Tapeta track is more likely to ensure a racetrack does not lose training or racing days to inclement weather.

Woodbine racetrack (Toronto, Canada) chose Tapeta for their new synthetic racetrack to ensure racing and training could continue during periods of extreme heat and extreme cold.


4. No Draw Bias
A further advantage of Tapeta over other synthetic tracks and turf is the elimination of any draw bias. The Tapeta drainage system and actual Tapeta surface and maintenance programme has been developed to ensure there is no draw bias on the racing surface. This provides both horsemen with confidence to enter and run their horses more often and bettors/gamblers to bet knowing that the draw a horse has will not disadvantage it during the race, thus improving betting turnover/handle.


5. Testimonials
“The new Tapeta 10 as it is called is currently installed in Wolverhampton (England). I saw it there in February 2015 and the track looked very good. Speaking with the Jockeys, Trainers and Veterinarians, everybody seemed happy with it. The new Tapeta seemed very fair and kind and that is what I liked about it. I am not a big fan of biases that sometimes play a big part in races.”
Irwin Driedger (Director of Thoroughbred Racing Woodbine Racetrack)

“A surface that will endure racing and training through hot and cold climate extremes for more than eight months of the year is critical for our horse people. We also considered racing fans and horseplayers through this process. Field size, the number of quality races and wagering on Wodbine’s Thoroughbred racing product has grown appreciably in the synthetic track era.
Jim Lawson (Woodbine Entertainment CEO)

‘Have no fear betting on Tapeta. It is as reliable and consistent as turf and a lot more practical than dirt. I have no worries having big bets on Tapeta. It is also safer for the horse.’
Barney Curley (Legendary Trainer and Gambler)

‘Gamblers were in two minds when synthetic surfaces first came around. They soon realized that synthetic surfaces were more reliable and consistent than even the best turf surfaces. Unlike turf racing, there is no post position draw bias but just like turf racing, the pace of the race is an important factor. The gamblers enjoy betting on synthetic surfaces as they believe it is a level playing field.’
Walter Glynn (Raceform UK)