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‘My Tapeta Training track copes very well with heavy rain. In 2017 we had 105 inches of rain and in 2018 we had 108 inches of rain. We live close to the wettest place in the UK and my Tapeta gallop always rides well. We never miss a day of Training.’
James Ewart Racehorse Trainer (Scotland)

‘The magic carpet glides in for a new Wolverhampton era. Extensive research saw Arena Racing Company staff consult Trainers and Jockeys and visit racetracks all over the world before Dickinson’s Tapeta (Latin for ‘carpet’) was chosen. All the stats back it up as being the safest horse surface in the world.’
Express & Star

‘The investment in Tapeta has paid off handsomely, with the obvious difference being field sizes and quality of horse, which makes it a more attractive betting medium to the majority of gamblers.’
Pietro Innocenzi (Racing Post)

‘There is virtually no kickback. I am looking forward to having a lot more runners at Wolverhampton’s Tapeta in the months ahead.’
Ed Vaughn UK Trainer

‘The Tapeta surface is the best all-weather surface we have. It is as close to grass as you could get. It is very fair and the kickback is pretty kind. The great thing about it is it doesn’t disadvantage any particular form of tactics.’
Champion UK Jockey Richard Hughes

‘Tapeta is lovely. It’s nice and springy and you can either ride a race from the front or come from behind. I’ll certainly be bringing more horses to Newcastle.’
John Gosden (UK Trainer)

‘Tapeta is the best racing surface anywhere.’
Dick Powell (Brisnet)

‘Tapeta seems very fair to all types of horses and there’s no track bias, horses can fan out from the bend or come up the far rail’
Rob Havlin UK Jockey

‘Who wants to go to Wolverhampton’s Tapeta surface on a grey Monday afternoon in September? Plenty do and many more than there is room for!
David Carr (Racing Post)

‘The Tapeta has been remarkably consistent with wild fluctuations a rarity’
Dave Edwards (Racing Post)

‘We took two horses to Newcastle. One who loves soft turf and one who loves very firm turf and they both won on the same day. Tapeta is an incredible surface’
Tom Tate (Trainer)

‘To me, Tapeta seems superior to other synthetic track versions, which should come as no surprise, since Michael Dickinson is essentially the godfather of such surfaces and knows more about them than anyone else in the world.’
Randy Moss (ESPN)

‘When we put our horses on the van in the morning to run on Tapeta at Presque Isle Downs we know we are guaranteed a great track that night – it is consistent, safe and reliable.’
Graham Motion (Kentucky Derby and Dubai World Cup winning Trainer)

‘Tapeta is a lovely surface and you get fair results with the best horses winning.’
George Baker (UK Jockey)

‘I like training and racing on Tapeta because my horses seem happy on it and stay sounder, longer. I also find that my horses recover faster from their workouts and races.’
Jonathan Sheppard (Hall of Fame winning Trainer)

‘Have no fear betting on Tapeta. It is as reliable and consistent as turf and a lot more practical than dirt. I have no worries having big bets on Tapeta. It is also safer for the horse.’
Barney Curley (Legendary Trainer and Gambler)

‘Gamblers were in two minds when synthetic surfaces first came around. They soon realized that synthetic surfaces were more reliable and consistent than even the best turf surfaces. Unlike turf racing, there is no post position draw bias but just like turf racing, the pace of the race is an important factor. The gamblers enjoy betting on synthetic surfaces as they believe it is a level playing field.’
Walter Glynn (Raceform UK)

‘We are more than happy with the performance of the Tapeta track to date, the majority of users are also happy. The track is being well supported with record nominations for yesterday at 179 compared to 137 for the last Devonport Cup. Wagering is also strong with Tapeta Park overtaking Hobart.'
Neil Gardner (Tas Racing)

‘Note that the Tapeta surface at Tapeta Park (Tasmania) is performing excellently. The Tasracing staff are doing an excellent job maintaining the track. There has been nothing but praise for the Tapeta surface. Trainers are nominating their horses more to race there. There is now general acceptance for the surface, so much so that there is more praise nationally for the surface. There are a lot of people in the industry saying that the surface is superior to Pro-ride at Geelong, Victoria and the Cushion surfaces at Sunshine Coast, Queensland.’
Kevin Ring (Australian Jockey Association)